Fluoride and the Nazi Connection?


Since AFAM was formed in 2008 to fight against mandatory water fluoridation in Victoria, we have heard a story endlessly repeated: “Hitler used sodium fluoride to pacify concentration camp inmates.” As the old saying goes, if you repeat something enough times people supposedly begin to believe it. Well, this one we don’t believe. Why? Because despite HUNDREDS of challenges from us, not a single anti-fluoridation person or group has EVER proven this claim, when challenged by us to do so.

What has been proven, however, is that our opponents (i.e. those who enjoy forcing fluoridation chemicals into water supplies, often against the will of the people and always in violation of the human right of informed consent to treatment) love when they hear this Nazi claim. It fits neatly into their widely-perpetuated “conspiracy theorist” theme, so they can avoid dealing with real issues, such as informed consent to treatment and scientific research gaps relating to the fluoridation program. As noted by Connett, Beck & Micklem (2010):

“It is true that a few people who oppose fluoridation do so based on claims that Nazi Germany and other totalitarian regimes used it as a method of mind control. There is little evidence that would satisfy a historian to support such claims. The vast majority of fluoridation opponents repudiate such views and base their opposition on science and ethics” (p. 257).

Nevertheless, hardly a day goes by where we don’t have to roll our eyes in disgust when we come across this publicly repeated BS from over-zealous anti-fluoridation campaigners (or pro-fluoridation shills posing as anti-fluoridation campaigners?). However, in fairness, here is our open challenge to ANYONE out there who genuinely believes that the Nazis used fluoride compounds to pacify prisoners. The challenge is to answer the following questions, with credible references to independently verifiable information:

1. Which fluoride compounds were used (sodium fluoride, sodium fluorosilicate, fluorosilicic acid, other)?
2. How were they used (e.g. given via drinking water)?
3. Where were they used (which concentration camps and when)?
4. In what doses/concentrations were they given (e.g. 1 mg/L of water; 2 mg/L of water; how much did inmates consume)?
5. What empirical data was collected to prove that the effect of these fluoride compounds was to decrease capacity for resistance in prisoners (e.g. what were the documented effects on the brains of prisoners)?
6. Who were the supervising individuals involved in the fluoridation program (what were their qualifications and official positions within the Nazi medical/scientific establishment)?
7. How is this alleged controlled Nazi fluoridation program relevant to water fluoridation in the modern context (i.e. fluoridation generally means the addition of sodium fluoride, sodium fluorosilicate, fluorosilicic acid to public drinking water supplies at an average concentration of 1mg/L of water, so how does the alleged Nazi program compare directly)?
8. Where are the official, verifiable Nazi documents to prove an active fluoridation program for the specific purpose of pacifying concentration camp inmates (e.g. signed orders from legitimate Nazi officials, or even Hitler himself)?
9. Are there any alternative explanations for any fluoridation chemicals that may have allegedly been found on-site at concentration camps by Allied soldiers (i.e. we have heard rumours that Allied soldiers discovered large quantities of sodium fluoride at camps, but given that sodium fluoride has been used as a rodenticide in the past, could these alleged quantities of the chemical have been there for this benign purpose and NOT for addition of the chemical to the water supplies of prisoners)?
10. Can the claims attributed to Charles E Perkins, regarding fluoride and Nazis, be verified by independent sources (more info here)?

As noted earlier, our group formed in 2008. Since that time, not a single one of these questions we have demanded answers to has been answered in any verifiable manner, by ANYBODY (although many have tried to convince us to believe such claims, without provided evidence). So until these questions – and many more like them – can be answered properly, we will continue to reject any claims from anti-fluoridationists that there is even a semblance of truth to this so-called “Nazi connection” with fluoride in water and specific changes in brain function in humans. We will also maintain that anyone perpetuating this myth in the public arena is not helping the legitimate campaign to halt the fluoridation program (on sound ethical and scientific grounds).

Further research (resources we DO support):

> Fluoride & the Brain
Neurotoxicity and Neurobehavioral Effects of Fluoride
Molecular Mechanisms of Fluoride Toxicity


Author: AFA Mildura

Administrator, Anti-Fluoridation Association of Mildura

4 thoughts on “Fluoride and the Nazi Connection?

  1. Well done – agree that the need is to get the health authorities cracking with the verifiable research virtually every study conducted over the past 60 years has called for.
    Safe Water Alternative New Zealand (SWANZ)

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  4. Reblogged this on Australian Safe Water Letter Archive (ASWLA) and commented:
    We have the promoters on the ropes with the Science – it is a big fat ‘f’ for fail; we don’t need to bring the Nazi’s into it in 2014. However, it is good to see a little of the history of ‘belief’ from the past. Presenting professional and scientifically sourced primary literature that is already in existence; but…. further long-term testing is what is required from authorities insisting that hydrofluorosilic acid is ‘safe’.

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