Spineless Advertising Standards ‘Authority’ Fails the People of New Zealand


RE: Fluoridation critic still unhappy after ad complaint rejected

The situation, as summarised in the above article, epitomises how the criminals who promote and implement fluoridation programs continue to get away with their crimes against the people, even after decades of unsubstantiated propaganda. As long as agencies that are charged with enforcing checks and balances on those in power fail to stand up to the bullies and cartel crony kingpins of fluoridation, nothing will change.

The Advertising Standards Authority (NZ) can now join the long list of those who – as history will attest – are worthy of nothing more than hanging their heads in shame on this issue. Let’s briefly look at the propaganda claims that were supposedly ‘examined’ thoroughly by the Advertising Standards Authority and ruled to have been ‘substantiated’:

Claim 1: Fluoridation “makes a huge difference in reducing tooth decay, particularly for children.”

When this claim of “huge” benefit is critiqued, the evidence reveals a miniscule benefit (if any) and certainly not one of noteworthy clinical significance (1) (2) (3) (4).

Claim 2: Fluoridation “is safe.”

On July 9th, 2013, the Otago Daily Times featured an article, citing University of Otago researchers now openly admitting that the New Zealand population – despite being exposed for many decades to fluoridation – has not been adequately monitored for potential developmental health effects; and only now is data being collated to look for potential adverse impacts (5). This simply confirmed what researchers and critics of fluoridation have been highlighting for decades; i.e. the disturbing lack of primary health data on the potential impacts of fluoridation.

For instance, as pointed out by Cheng et al. (2007) in the British Medical Journal, “Given the certainty with which water fluoridation has been promoted and opposed, and the large number (around 3200) of research papers identified (by the York Review), the reviewers were surprised by the poor quality of the evidence and the uncertainty surrounding the beneficial and adverse effects of fluoridation” (6). “Is safe,” as per the aforementioned advertisement, is an absolute statement that makes no mention of this scientific uncertainty.

As noted by risk assessment expert and former National Research Council Panelist, Dr. Kathleen Thiessen, “water fluoridation at 0.7 mg/L is not adequate to protect against known or anticipated adverse effects and does not allow an adequate margin of safety to protect young children, people with high water consumption, people with kidney disease (resulting in reduced excretion of fluoride), and other potentially sensitive population subgroups. In addition to the “known” adverse health effects of dental fluorosis, skeletal fluorosis, and increased risk of bone fracture, “anticipated” adverse health effects from fluoride exposure or community water fluoridation include (but are not limited to) carcinogenicity, genotoxicity, endocrine effects, increased blood lead levels, and hypersensitivity (reduced tolerance) to fluoride” (7). Other NRC Panelists have also expressed similar concerns (8), whilst more recently, Choi et al. (2012) were not prepared to state that “no risk is present” with water fluoridation (9).

The Advertising Standards Authority (NZ) obviously did not want to ask the hard questions surrounding ‘Margin of Safety’ (10), nor did it see the need to acknowledge the dearth of primary health data in fluoridating nations (11), or address the point raised by Barbier et al. (2010) that, “Until the 1990s, the toxicity of fluoride was largely ignored due to its “good reputation” for preventing caries via topical application and in dental toothpastes. However, in the last decade, interest in its undesirable effects has resurfaced due to the awareness that this element interacts with cellular systems even at low doses” (12).

Instead, they chose to blindly trust the governmental advertising body as an “expert in the area due to its role” and therefore do not question its claims any further, despite the fraudulent claim to the contrary that the claims were “substantiated.”

Claim 3: Fluoridation “provides an affordable benefit to everyone.”

Returning once more to Cheng et al. (2007), we quickly discover the truth that yet again, the evidence for this claim is dodgy or non-existent, at best: “Water fluoridation aims to reduce social inequalities in dental health, but few relevant studies exist” (6). And, from the authors of the York Review, “The evidence about reducing inequalities in dental health was of poor quality, contradictory and unreliable” (13) – a point well noted by Dr. Thiessen in a recent Blount County presentation (14).

Further research:

> Research Databases
> Fluoride Basics
> The Case Against Fluoride


Author: AFA Mildura

Administrator, Anti-Fluoridation Association of Mildura

3 thoughts on “Spineless Advertising Standards ‘Authority’ Fails the People of New Zealand

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  2. Reblogged this on Australian Safe Water Letter Archive (ASWLA) and commented:
    First class analyses of a dingy, outdated, barbaric practice – the tyranny of ‘water fluoridation’ is neither ‘safe’, nor, ‘effective’.

  3. There is no integrity or ethics in the Fluoridation Fraud/Web of Deception end of story – the Pro-fluoridation cartel and their associates know nothing of ‘integrity or ethics’. (It is alleged) The only thing these greedy and power crazed bastards are interested in is the $$$$$. See further down more confirmation of the disgraceful fraud of water fluoridation/pollution with this headline to add to the others > Australia – Medicare dental scheme: millions of children to benefit 1st January, 2014 – Water fluoridation is a sickening fraud and an sinister failure.

    This back in 2009
    Revealing How Dentists Profit By Abusing Children
    In ‘Drilling for Dollars,’ a local TV reporter presented shocking visual and audio testimony about a situation in which children were being needlessly treated and harmed because of corporate greed.

    Can Dentists & Doctors be trusted when they say Water Fluoridation is Safe & Effective?

    Click to access can-dentists-doctors-be-trusted-when-they-say-water-fluoridation-is-safe-effective.pdf

    Water Fluoridation an absolute fraud and abysmal failure and not safe –

    Australia in dental crisis after widespread fluoridation Australia wide for decades first commencing Beaconsfield Tasmania in 1953 (also in dental crisis and chronically diseased) and USA also in dental crisis after up to 67 years of water fluoridation/pollution first commencing Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1945 (also in dental crisis – Kentucky USA l00% fluoridated also in dental crisis and chronically diseased). It’s a no-brainer – dangerously corrosive hazardous waste pollutants & co-contaminants have no place being disposed/dumped into the peoples’ water supplies and hence also contaminating/polluting our food chain. All water fluoridation (pollution) must cease immediately & irrevocably for all time.

    Israel Will End Fluoridation in 2014, Citing Health Concerns

    The study also found that fluoride does not eliminate tooth decay, citing dietary sugars as the primary cause. People living in areas with fluoridated water and/or using fluoride toothpaste still got dental caries. http://www.irishdentist.ie/news/news_detail.php?id=5436

    27th February, 2013 – Tasmania will receive an extra $12 million from Federal Government to reduce public dental waiting lists. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-02-27/extra-dental-dollars-to-reduce-waiting-lists/4542450?section=tas


    Dr Deborah Cole is chief executive officer of Dental Health Services Victoria. http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/a-system-in-decay-20120107-1ppd0.html

    Geelong – fluoridated/polluted June, 2009
    GEELONG kids will have more to smile about thanks to a multi-million-dollar State Government plan to tackle tooth decay and gum disease. Health Minister launched the $14.9 million public dental plan, aimed at improving the oral health of young people across the state. http://www.geelongadvertiser.com.au/article/2013/05/29/366034_news_pf.html

    REPORT WARNS $10B NEEDED TO FIX DENTAL HEALTH SYSTEM February 28, 2012 http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-02-28/national-dental-health-opens-denticare-debate/3856134

    Widespread water fluoridation/pollution Australia wide – an Abysmal Failure – Not Effective and not safe:- Millions to get free care under $4 Billion dental reform package – 29 August, 2012

    NSW 96% ‘FLUORIDATED’ – Sydney since 1968 DENTAL CRISIS EXPOSES GREAT DIVIDE February 15, 2005
    Public dental health in NSW is in a state of serious neglect, with some patients waiting 8 years for attention & the number of children needing hospital treatment doubling over the past decade.

    50% of Children have tooth decay in Australia yet, Australia is almost fully fluoridated. How about we stop consuming sugar in everything, reduce dental costs and educate children/people to daily oral healthcare instead of dumping industrial waste into water supplies and hence also contaminating our food chain.

    Fluoridation Fails – alarming rise in dental hospitalizations U.S. 10th September, 2013 Despite decades of water fluoridation and fluoridated toothpaste that was supposed to all but eradicate tooth decay and put dentists out of business, the opposite is true. From 2000 to 2008, more than 61,000 people were hospitalized in the U.S. for a dental abscess, a 41% increase. The burden on Medicaid to pay for discharges related to periapical abscesses has jumped 74%. Sixty-six patients died while in the hospital. http://www.topix.com/business/dental/2013/09/1309098IGFUV Full story: http://www.drbicuspid.com

    FLUORIDE DOES NOT ELIMINATE TOOTH DECAY – Slash stealth sugar intake, dental patients urged
    12th Dec 2013
    Levels of tooth decay are much lower in diets where less than 10% of the calorie intake comes from free sugars, according to research carried out for the World Health Organisation (WHO) by Newcastle in the UK.
The study also found that fluoride does not eliminate tooth decay, citing dietary sugars as the primary cause. People living in areas with fluoridated water and/or using fluoride toothpaste still got dental caries.


    Australia – Medicare dental scheme: millions of children to benefit 1st January, 2014
    More than 3 million children will be eligible for Medicare-funded dental care under a scheme starting on Wednesday. The $2.7 billion scheme is the final element of a dental package negotiated by the Greens with Julia Gillard in return for their support for her minority government. Under the scheme, families who receive Family Tax Benefit Part A will be eligible for $1000 worth of Medicare-funded treatment over a two-year period. About 3.4 million children between the ages of two and 17 are expected to benefit. http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/medicare-dental-scheme-millions-of-children-to-benefit-20131231-304n7.html

    Some information: Not Safe and Not Effective http://fluorideinformationaustralia.wordpress.com/not-safe-not-effective/
    Free dental clinic draws thousands in need of care in FLUORIDATED SACRAMENTO, California, where dentists removed thousands of rotten teeth, One young attendee pulled her own teeth because dental care is so expensive 25 Aug. 2012

    Wall Street Journal says Dentists Are Big Political Players and do all they can to preserve their monopoly.” Huge donations to secure their political agendas.
    They boasted the largest single health-care PAC in 2008, gave nearly $13 million to state and local politicians in 2010, raising the question: What do dentists want? Alicia Mundy has details on The News Hub. Photo: Reuters. http://live.wsj.com/video/why-dentists-are-big-political-players/4ADDACA4-8F50-43D4-B694-D541A38FBF3A.html#!4ADDACA4-8F50-43D4-B694-D541A38FBF3A


    Top All-Time Donors, 1989-2012 – Political Donations – list includes ADA & AMA
    ADA 48th AMA 24th http://www.opensecrets.org/orgs/list.php?order=a
    ADA http://www.opensecrets.org/orgs/summary.php?id=D000000105
    AMA http://www.opensecrets.org/orgs/summary.php?id=D000000068

    Can Dentists & Doctors be trusted when they say Water Fluoridation is Safe & Effective?

    Click to access can-dentists-doctors-be-trusted-when-they-say-water-fluoridation-is-safe-effective.pdf


    REPORT: 100% fluoridated Kentucky, USA – Rampant Dental Decay & chronic disease epidemic – DDB        http://fluorideinformationaustralia.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/rampant-dental-decay-chronic-disease-epidemic-in-100-fluoridated-kentucky-usa-13-aug-2013-ddb.pdf 

    Dental Crisis in America – After up to 67 years of water fluoridation foisted upon Americans by the American Dental Association and its constituents groups, a Dental Crisis exists in America.  Senator Sanders introduced legislation to remedy this situation which is endorsed by 37 groups but not the ADA because it includes funding for Dental Therapists which would infringe upon dentists lucrative monopoly.  The ADA prefers fluoridation because it doesn’t stop tooth decay and doesn’t hurt their bottom line.  In fact, dentists are making lots of money covering up fluoride-stained teeth with expensive veneers because American children are now over-fluoridated with up to 60% affected with dental fluorosis – white spotted, yellow, brown and/or pitted teeth. Veneers cost about $1,000.00 a tooth. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oaINr51MrM

    For some Americans, dental care means a sturdy chair, a fluoride swish, and a free toothbrush. But for one in three Americans, it’s a nightmare, including astronomical bills, crippling credit card debt, panicked visits to the emergency room, and life-threatening disease. 
These hardships are chronicled in a new Frontline documentary, Dollars and Dentists, which airs tonight on PBS stations. Frontline correspondent Miles O’Brien takes us behind the scenes of the documentary that explores America’s broken dental system. Frontline is produced by our partner WGBH. You can find when “Dollars and Dentists” is airing on your local PBS station here.

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