Final Verdict: Fluoride, Nazis and Mind Control


On January 1, 2014, we threw down the gauntlet to any anti-fluoridation activist in the world to prove the supposed “fluoride and concentration camps” connection, which is so often claimed.

Since not a single person has come forth to do so with any credible evidence, we are making a final call on this one:

It’s total bullshit.

So from now on, anyone who tries to undermine the genuine efforts of those who make rational ethical and scientific arguments against fluoridation, will be ignored by AFAM.


The Administrator
AFAM Research Division

Author: AFA Mildura

Administrator, Anti-Fluoridation Association of Mildura

5 thoughts on “Final Verdict: Fluoride, Nazis and Mind Control

  1. It should be seen for what it is: a means of influencing those who are as yet undecided about the debate. If the anti-fluoridation movement is linked to something as distasteful as the Nazi’s, then the subliminal message sinks into people’s sub-conscious. And therein lies a huge problem. We all know that these types of messages are fostered by those who have mega-$$$$$$ invested in polluting our lives. Enough said?

  2. Wether Hitler or Stalin, both Tavistock students according to Greg Hallett ( administered Fluoride to their prisoners is not a consequence to the issue we face today of poisons in our water, air and food.
    Hitler and Stalin ruled over some of the most horrendous attacks on the human species so shoving fluoride in prisoners water/food is certainly a non-issue in relation to their portfolios.
    Why do we keep splitting straws when it is ‘in plain sight’ that the pro-fluoride mob use all sorts of deceit to tell us that poison is good for us…… fight fire with fire and if the Hitler/Stalin story can reach people to make them think about what they are drinking then so be it!…….. Gus

  3. I totally agree, and it is probably mostly that nonsense comes from the pro-fluoridation side who do everything they can to defame and ridicule those against dumping this hazardous waste known as ‘water fluoridation’, but I what I would like to say is this:-

    Australia has topped the United Nation’s 2014 World Drug Report with a higher proportion of people getting high than anywhere else in the world.

    My comment:

    No surprises here – with the disgraceful Government and their interests, forcing ‘water fluoridation’ i.e. potent neurotoxic silicofluorides & co-contaminants into our water supplies (and hence food chain) since 1953 – 90% + of Australia polluted with this neurotoxic chemical cocktail – causing all sorts of behavioural problems, mental health problems, anti-social and criminal behaviour also remember we are in kidney disease crisis, alzheimer’s disease crisis, bone diseases such as ‘arthritis’ which is never diagnosed as ‘skeletal fluorosis’, high allergy rates and also more suffering chemical sensitivities, thyroid disease, digestive disorders, bowel cancers & other cancers, and we are in dental crisis ! — the power of the Australian must demand all water fluoridation cease urgently and irrevocably for all time.


    The politically powerful controlling groups pushing this dangerously corrosive hazardous waste and co-contaminants down our throats should all be on criminal charges (and corruption charges) for damaging our health and safety by forcing these pollutants into our water supplies and hence food chain. This is an atrocity that has gone on for six decades in Australia and 7 decades in the USA. Australia like USA is chronically diseased and in dental crisis – the Commonwealth Ombudsmen and many others including the mainstream media should have strenuously looked into this and joined the call for a total and irrevocable ban on water fluoridation schemes.

    The spin doctors of dumping/disposing hazardous waste pollutants & co-contaminants aka ‘water fluoridation’ never stop – 90% of Australia polluted with this water fluoridation scam – we are in dental crisis and we have a chronically sick and diseased population with threat of a collapsing health system under the strain if it continues – and we are in crisis with alzheimers disease, mental illnesses, unacceptable and anti-social behaviour, criminal behaviour, also kidney disease crisis, arthritis, thyroid disease, digestive disorders, bowel cancer and more….. and many also suffering allergies and or chemical sensitivities, etc. etc..
    Dumping these potent neurotoxins (water fluoridation chemicals) is absolutely insane ! Stop dumping/disposing of this hazardous waste into our water supplies and hence also contaminating our food chain – WF is not safe and not effective but only the politically and media powerful pro-fluoridation lobby are listened to and get all the media coverage to spread their sinister ‘Fluoridation Fraud’ – anyone noticed how many dental surgeries, dental corporations/groups there are in Australia ? end this fluoridation fraud once and for all and ban this disgraceful disposal/dumping of hazardous waste pollutants aka water fluoridation, once and for all.
    Our health system in Australia has buckled under the strain of a chronically sick and diseased population and we are in dental crisis !

    The study also found that fluoride does not eliminate tooth decay, citing dietary sugars as the primary cause. People living in areas with fluoridated water and/or using fluoride toothpaste still got dental caries.

    Fluoridation fails as America’s cavity crisis escalates

    Fluoridation Fails – alarming rise in dental hospitalizations U.S. 10th September, 2013 Despite decades of water fluoridation and fluoridated toothpaste that was supposed to all but eradicate tooth decay and put dentists out of business, the opposite is true. From 2000 to 2008, more than 61,000 people were hospitalized in the U.S. for a dental abscess, a 41% increase. The burden on Medicaid to pay for discharges related to periapical abscesses has jumped 74%. Sixty-six patients died while in the hospital. Full story:

    REPORT: Brief Overview of Water Fluoridation/Pollution – 11 September, 2013 Diane Drayton Buckland

    Click to access brief-overview-of-water-fluoridation_pollution-11-september-2013-diane-drayton-buckland1.pdf

    REPORT: 100% fluoridated Kentucky, USA – Rampant Dental Decay & chronic disease epidemic – DDB

    Australia wide in dental crisis after widespread fluoridation in every State, first commencing Beaconsfield, Tasmania in 1953 = likewise USA in dental crisis after widespread ‘fluoridation’ first beginning in 1945 Grand Rapids Michigan.

    The only answer EVER was to provide access to affordable dental health care services for all the population, not the dumping/disposal of hazardous waste pollutants fluorosilicic acid/silicofluorides and co-contaminants of lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, thallium, berrylium, etc., (known as water fluoridation); into our drinking water supplies and hence also the contamination of our food chain and using the populations` kidneys as hazardous waste disposal/filtration units.
    This very dangerous ‘hazardous waste and co-contaminants’ from phosphate fertiliser industries, must not be dumped in the air, rivers, oceans, creeks but dump it in the water supplies as a ‘medical /dental treatment’ (WITHOUT INFORMED CONSENT I MIGHT ADD !! ) and it magically becomes safe and effective as continually regurgitated by the pro-fluoridation fanatical lobby.

  4. Hi AFAM

    Here in NZ we are (officially) totally with you on this.


    Pat McNair Fluoride Free Hamilton

    • Well posted DDB!
      Dr Russell Blaylock, a top neurosurgeon, has spent decades exposing the deadly effects that fluoride has on the human biology, especially the human brain, and he is one highly educated and skilled surgeon that should be listened to.
      One would think that with the mountains of scientific evidence against fluoride it should be a no brainer by governments to oppose the fluoride lobby groups in the interests of public health and the massive costs that are building up due to its forced use.
      Not so, which leaves me with only one conclusion and that is that our governments and health departments are intentionally committing genocide to destroy the health of the people. You are correct…..our governments must face criminal and corruption charges!
      We see this same act of genocide against the people in the massive use of other toxins allowed to be put in food and the unwillingness of our governments to mandate the labeling of GMO food which is scientifically proven to be toxic to humans,

      Chemtrails are another attack on the population and denied by our governments yet the constant spraying is in plain sight.
      I could go on and on so it seems absolutely impossible to me how our governments, health depts; the many professionals and media endorsing these genocidal attacks on the population could be so ignorant…. it must be an agenda!…… Gus.

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