John Harrison demands wide scale medico-dental thuggery


This pathetic excuse for a journalist writes the following:

“The dental profession needs to make it unambiguously clear to local government councillors that at the next election, they will mobilise their colleagues, and their patients, to vote against any councillor who countenances a ban on fluoridation. In this campaign dentists need to call on the support of the medical profession. The Australian Medical Association is a more powerful industrial organisation than the CFMEU.”

This constitutes nothing less than a direct threat; a disgraceful call for the bullying and threatening of local councils into making the decision to inject fluoridation chemicals into public drinking water supplies, regardless of the democratic will of the people.

Exactly as Dr. Paul Connett warned local councillors  in New Zealand, we can see this type of ‘dental thuggery’ being promoted – in fact, demanded – in Queensland; and it must be exposed and resisted at all costs.


Author: AFA Mildura

Administrator, Anti-Fluoridation Association of Mildura

4 thoughts on “John Harrison demands wide scale medico-dental thuggery

  1. Different story when the boot is on the other foot. Its ok for you lot to threaten councils with legal action , but when a well qualified section of the Dental community decides to stand up to the rubbish > They are the big bad wolves.

    That is what happened in N.Z. You guys kept rattling the cage and suddenly the bear had enough, and now it is going to be mandatory And they are all bleating about it. Bought it on themselves by being stupid

  2. This is criminal, in the highest degree!

  3. If they get their way it will be signing my death sentence as I cannot live with fluoride .The agony and torment becomes too great .

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