Rebuttal: Dr. Gary M. Whitford


Dr. Gary M. Whitford: Fluoride & Neurotoxicity
YouTube video – Uploaded on Dec 12, 2012

1. Animal studies

Dr. Whitford cites his own study (Whitford et al. 2009) to imply that fluoride has not been shown to damage the animal brain. However, he conveniently leaves out the substantial body of evidence that indicates the opposite. For a list of animal and biochemical studies in chronological order, refer to Connett et al. 2010 (Appendix I, pp. 277-286).

2. Chinese IQ studies

Dr. Whitford claims that IQ studies out of China are non-credible and therefore encourages people not to take them seriously. However, he conveniently neglects to mention that the National Research Council took these studies seriously, in terms of warranting further targeted research. According to the NRC’s 2006 report (p. 223):

“The possibility has been raised by the studies conducted in China that fluoride can lower intellectual abilities. Thus, studies of populations exposed to different concentrations of fluoride in drinking water should include measurements of reasoning ability, problem solving, IQ, and short-and long-term memory. Care should be taken to ensure that proper testing methods are used, that all sources of exposure to fluoride are assessed, and that comparison populations have similar cultures and socioeconomic status.”

Instead of dismissing these studies from China outright, Dr. Whitford should be following the NRC’s expert advice and advocating for further research.

3. Choi et al. 2012

Dr. Whitford again chooses to dismiss the aforementioned IQ studies for methodological reasons and suggests the authors have expressed uncertainty to the point of rendering all studies utterly irrelevant. But here is what the authors themselves say:

“Fluoride seems to fit in with lead, mercury, and other poisons that cause chemical brain drain. The effect of each toxicant may seem small, but the combined damage on a population scale can be serious, especially because the brain power of the next generation is crucial to all of us” (Grandjean, HSPH).

“As research on other neurotoxicants has shown, a shift to the left of IQ distributions in a population will have substantial impacts, especially among those in the high and low ranges of the IQ distribution” (Choi et al. Environ Health Perspect. Response).

“These results do not allow us to make any judgment regarding possible levels of risk at levels of exposure typical for water fluoridation in the U.S. On the other hand, neither can it be concluded that no risk is present. We therefore recommend further research to clarify what role fluoride exposure levels may play in possible adverse effects on brain development, so that future risk assessments can properly take into regard this possible hazard” (Choi & Grandjean, HSPH).

Dr. Whitford claims the hazards are “virtually none,” but Grandjean disagrees:

“Chemical brain drain should not be disregarded. The average IQ deficit in children exposed to increased levels of fluoride in drinking water was found to correspond to about 7 points – a sizable difference.”

To learn more about the media’s handling of this issue, click here. For a more detailed discussion of the Choi et al. paper, click here.


Author: AFA Mildura

Administrator, Anti-Fluoridation Association of Mildura

18 thoughts on “Rebuttal: Dr. Gary M. Whitford

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  8. I hope I didn’t offend anyone here. I didn’t mean to come across like this.

    It is just tiring to see the same old propaganda these crooks continue to put out.

    Those of us, who are well informed & intelligent, these crooks will not be able to deceive, nor fool.

    I applaud everyone’s effort here, on exposing these criminals!

  9. Just about all of these ‘so-called’ experts who are promoting this, are in reality supporting & contributing to the crimes of humanity, on a massive scale.

    These crooks are only serving themselves and not the populace, although they pretend that they do.

    Anyone with an ounce of intelligence, wouldn’t even bother to waste their precious tome, reading the crap/BS/ garbage these criminals spew out !!

    We do NOT need any of these poisons anywhere in our water, food, animal & plant kingdom etc.

    It starts with a healthy, wholesome & nutritious diet, just as nature intended.

    • Hear hear! Well said mate.

    • Thanks Danny,
      All of the informed / independently researched people agree with you Danny ! we are sick of the ADA & AMA and interests, having the political power and control to still be able to continue chronically poisoning our population, pets and environment.

      They have built themselves up to be God like beings –  a lot of people still blindly trust them but a lot have woken up about this fluoridation/pollution issue –  and are shocked at the extreme levels that the ADA go to to push this hazardous waste agenda known as fluoridation  –  they say it’s safe and effective and reduces decay anywhere from 30 – 60 %  – yet dental crisis in USA  & Australia after decades of consuming this haz waste fluoride – and when any place tries to have it stopped being added to the water supplies the ADA & AMA in unison, scream bloody murder. 

      Thanks Danny and we are with you all the way and hope we can get a lot more people to learn the truth.

  10. More Dentists committing fraud
    Dentists and their buddies at the AMA who force the agenda of water fluoridation/pollution.
    Can they be trusted when they say ‘water fluoridation is safe and effective’ ?

    A few examples = The Tip of the Iceberg

    March, 06, 2013
    North Carolina takes action against Dental One Partners: operating dental clinics illegally–unnecessary treatment– false diagnosis periodontal disease.
    OKLAHOMA CITY — A local dentist from a popular chain is accused of falsifying documents to cheat the Medicaid system out of money. Officials say they are seeing an increase in this kind of scam. Robin Lockwood, D.D.S. is one of the latest to be charged.
    Texas – Dentist in Medicaid suit adding a water park to his mansion
    DALLAS – The Texas Medicaid dental scandal is moving into a new phase. A construction phase. One of the dentists charged with fraud in billing Texas taxpayers tens of millions of dollars for unneeded braces on children is in a new spurt of expanding his mansion. He’s building a water park on the property. It’s happening out of public sight, among the high-dollar homes on Dallas’ glitzy Strait Lane. All the homes are big here, but the home of dentist Richard Malouf, former majority owner of All Smiles Dental Centers, is even bigger.–162280556.html
    7 in N.J. Dental Practice accused of $5.5 Million Medicare fraud
    February 08, 2013, Colts Neck, NJ — Five dentists and two office managers were indicted Thursday by a state grand jury on 31 counts of defrauding the Medicaid program out of more than $5.5 million, authorities said.

    Stephen Beukas, 47, of Mahwah and John Freiler, 74, of Wanaque were among the seven people affiliated with a mobile dental practice, NJ Mobile, who face a multitude of charges including insurance fraud, conspiracy and mis­conduct by a corporate official.

    Dentist The Menace
    Menace to Society–Dr. Thomas Floyd–finally stripped of dental license, but should be UNDER a jail!
    WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Former West Palm Beach children’s dentist Thomas Floyd has pleaded guilty to charges that he abused a 4-year-old boy he was treating in his office. Floyd was arrested last September by the West Palm Beach Police Department. Floyd has agreed to relinquish his dentist license in Florida and will not practice dentistry anywhere in the United States. The agreement calls for 150 hours of community service. The state also agreed not to pursue additional charges against Floyd from any other known victims from his former dental practice. The case was investigated by the Department of Health which indicated that were numerous incidents of child abuse over the past two years.
    Idaho – Local Dentist accused of Medicaid fraud, grand theft
    POCATELLO — A local dentist has been charged with five felony counts of Medicaid fraud and one count of grand theft, accused of charging the state medical insurance for services he did not provide, services already paid for and services that were not medically necessary, according to court documents. Carl B. Holm was charged in August by the Idaho Attorney General’s Office after an investigation by its Medicaid Fraud Control Unit. He is accused of committing numerous acts of fraud under several patient names over the course of about three years, beginning in mid-2007 to the spring of 2010.
    Corporate-run Dental Clinics, TEXAS $1.6 Billion in Medicare Fraud and poor children

    Texas Dental Board is Accused of Ineptitude April 12, 2012
    Texas toddlers being held in restraints as dentists at corporate-run clinics performed unnecessary root canals were among the dental horror stories told Wednesday at a House Public Health Commitee hearing at the State Capitol. The Texas State Board of Dental Examiners, which regulates dental licensing in Texas, was the subject of criticism by members of Texans for Dental Reform and unaffiliated residents, who called for legislative reform while levying accusations of ineptitude, a pattern of withholding or obscuring negative information about dentists, and failure to act against corporate-run dental clinics committing Medicaid fraud and harming patients.
    Feds now Helping Texas Fight Dental Medicare Fraud.
    Dallas, Texas – ‘I guess they can just come and take our kids off the street‘ This summer, News 8 discovered some dentists were luring kids to their offices with pizza and pocket change without their parents’ permission, then billing Medicaid for dental procedures that were unneeded. Tiara Truelove said she and six other kids were offered cash on the campus of Dallas Can Academy in March when they were on their lunch break. A dental recruiter then drove them to All About Dentistry on Scyene Road. After the recruiter fed the students pizza, their teeth were cleaned and they were each given $10, Tiara said. When her mother, Tiffney Truelove, found out, she went to the office to complain and said she was met with indifference by the staff.

    Overcrowded Emergency Rooms In Central Texas – Fluoridated Austin, Texas
Wednesday, November 22, 2006
    Jenny Pearson knows her tooth abscess could be better treated at a dentist, the problem is she couldn’t get a dentist to accept her medicaid despite her pain. “Sitting there in tears telling her I hurt, she said go to the hospital,” Pearson said. “I can’t do nothing for you.” So Pearson turned to the ER, the only place by federal law that cannot turn her away . She first took the bus to Brackenridge. They were also busy. “We sat there for five hours and called a friend to come get me,” Pearson said. “He brought me here.” This is actually Pearson’s second time to come to the emergency room for her tooth abscess, a problem that needs follow up at a dentists office.
“She has made every effort on her part to try and arrange for proper follow up care and she got rejected because of her Medicaid and so she’s back now in the emergency department with her face all swollen up and again,” said Dr. Corey Jones St. David’s Hospital’s chief of emergency medicine. “This is not the place to be because we’re not oral surgeons.” In Texas, dentists don’t accept Medicaid from adults, but accessing dental care is not the only problem. (this link original article has also been disconnected).
    Austin Texas Dentist Condemns Fluoridation Sunday, January 09, 2011
    This is an excerpt from an ABC Radio News story:
    Dr. Griffin Cole, a Dentist in Fluoridated Austin, Texas, said he has seen several cases of mild to severe fluorosis in his practice. While he applauded the feds’ proposal [to lower water fluoride levels], he’d like to see the recommendations go even lower. “I still don’t think it’s enough, honestly,” he said. “I don’t think there should be fluoride in the water at all. “I think it’s a nice move in the right direction,” he said. Cole said he began his dentistry career in the early 1990s, working for a dentist who was open minded about fluoride use and believed that his patients were getting too much. Cole said he had never once prescribed fluoride supplements to his patients.

He cited studies from the past decade that have linked excess fluoride to not only fluorosis but to higher instances of bone cancer in the test subjects. He also said osteoporosis was an additional concern, since ingested fluoride is known to sit in a person’s bones. “Ingesting fluoride in any form does nothing for your teeth,” he said. In cases of “rampant” tooth decay, applying a topical fluoride can improve dental health, but only minimally. Fluoride, Cole said, molds to the tooth’s enamel. So while it will aid in preventing decay, it can also make teeth brittle. “When you see a case of somebody coming in with bad fluorosis, to restore those teeth you either have to crown them completely or at least do a veneer,” he said. “So it’s a very costly thing to fix.” Depending on the dentist and the region of the country, restoration could cost between $900 and $1,600 a tooth.

    Massachusetts – Dentist used paper clips in root canals as part of fraudulent Medicare scam
    Jan. 26, 2012
    (NaturalNews) A former Fall River, Massachusetts, dentist has pleaded guilty to bilking the Medicaid system out of $130,000, illegally prescribing prescription drugs, intimidating a witness, and committing assault and battery. CBS Connecticut reports that Michael Clair had been running a third-rate dental practice in which he was substituting stainless steel posts with paper clips during root canal procedures on his patients.
    Dentists, Doctors & ors. Medicaid Fraud
    ‘Small Smiles’ Dental Chain Reaches Settlement for Medical Fraud – Jan. 20, 2010
    It’s a promise many parents make before taking their children to the dentist: Don’t worry, it won’t hurt too much. But at some “Small Smiles” dental clinics catering to low-income families on Medicaid, that promise was broken behind closed doors. FORBA Holdings LLC, the parent company of the nationwide pediatric dental chain “Small Smiles,” reached a $24 million settlement with the Department of Justice Wednesday for allegedly performing medically unnecessary or substandard procedures on children insured by Medicaid, to turn a profit. The Justice Department claimed that some dental clinics performed unnecessary procedures, including removing teeth, x-rays, and pulpotomies — also known as baby root canals — and then charged Medicaid.

    Dental chain accused of hurting kids, billing taxpayers – Dec. 11, 2012 Visits to the dentist can be upsetting for little children, but when Autum Archuleta took her son Nathan to a Small Smiles dental clinic in February 2010, it was beyond anything she could have imagined. The dentist gave Nathan, then almost 3, three crowns, two baby root canals and six silver fillings in 25 minutes. While in the waiting room, Archuleta says she heard her son screaming and burst into the treatment room. She says Nathan was crying and struggling to move while being held down by three clinic employees and wrapped from his head to his feet in a stabilization device called a papoose board. She thinks he wasn’t properly numbed.

  11. Allegedly there are too many of these types with conflicts of interests/ part of the Fluoridation Cartel Web of Deception promoting this hazardous waste & co-contaminants of lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, etc.. Also in this hazardous waste soup they add aluminium sulphate. So his garbage of “Dr Whiford” has to be disposed of in the rubbish dump now !

    For the truth see this:-

    I have compiled some information on violence and criminality from silicofluorides (think also enhancement of the uptake of lead as per work of Professor Roger Masters) – Australia wide has a serious problem with widespread violence and criminality – I hope many more people are able to open their minds and get past the propaganda by The Fluoridation Cartel Web of Deception and see the true harm and failure of this hazardous waste known as water fluoridation:-

    I dub these Fluoride Ferals

    This violence and criminality is now a constant:-

    Violence in Schools etc.

    For example Sydney ‘fluoridated’ since 1968 – NSW now has a saturation rate across the entire State of 96% of these potent neurotoxins known as water fluoridation -this is obscene The remainder of Australia heavily fluoridated also.

    Get used to this violence and criminality until you take the potent neurotoxins hazardous waste pollutants fluorosilicic acid/silicofluorides & co contaminants of lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, etc., (and added aluminium sulphate also) KNOWN AS WATER FLUORIDATION – this of course also contaminates our entire food chain – NEUROTOXINS should be banned from our drinking water (& hence food chain) NOT ADDED BY A GOVERNMENT !!! Violence & criminality and silicofluorides (water fluoridation) Alzheimer’s Disease EPIDEMIC fluoride – aluminium Wake up and end WATER FLUORIDATION/POLLUTION AS A MATTER OF EXTREME URGENCY AND END IT FOR ALL TIME !!!!!

    Do not continue to ignore the link with Silicofluorides and violence and criminality.  

    Fluoride Research on Water Fluoridation and Crime in the United States of America.
    If water fluoridation were ended, it might take a generation for the effects to recede.   If it continues to expand, the “signal” identified in this study may get lost in the “noise” of endemic violence.  

    Click to access 38111-22.pdf

    In the documents attached to this Report you will find document headed ‘Yes, lead poisoning could really be a cause of violent crime’ – I had made additions which refer to the work of Professor Roger Masters – Silicofluorides (water fluoridation chemicals) and violent crime and enhanced lead uptake.
    See also:  Widespread Violence Tasmania and other States of Australia     
    Violent Behaviour and Criminality – adverse health and behaviour from silicofluorides – Research Professor Roger Masters – Nelson A. Rockefeller Professor of Government, Emeritus, Dartmouth College, Hanover, new Hampshire      

    Water Treatment with silicofluorides and lead toxicity

    Click to access Masters-Coplan-Water-Treatment-With-Silicofluorides-And-Lead-Toxicity-International-Journal-Of-Environmental-Studies-1999.pdf

    In addition to all else, also of great concern to me is the fact that the effects of these hazardous waste pollutants fluorosilicic acid/silicofluorides on our aboriginal people appear to be even worse  – I have a lot of information in my report hereunder – also particularly see
    Editorial neurotoxic effects of fluoride   44(3)117–124 July-September 2011  Dr. Bruce Spittle

    Harvard Study finds fluoride lowers IQ published in Federal Government Journal Published 15 August, 2012
    The International Society for Fluoride Research Inc.
    Fluoride & aluminium  in your water  Brain & Kidney Damage  
    Fluoride & The Brain  – Fluorides Damage To The Brain
    Fluoride health effects
    Psychiatrist, Dr. Keith Ablow of Fox – TV’s Medical News Team says children with brain disorders should avoid fluoridated water

    Fluoride & intelligence: the 36 studies – reduced IQ learning & memory impaired

    Health effects fluoride & the brain –                                                                               

    Neurotoxicity of fluoride  Dr. Phyllis Mullenix


    ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE – Epidemic – Fluoride/Aluminium – By Doug Cross
    In addition to the fluorosilicic acid/silicofluorides (hazardous waste pollutants and co-contaminants of lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, etc., known as ‘fluoride’) they also add aluminium sulphate
    Australia already faces Alzheimer’s Disease (& Kidney disease) epidemics – STOP ‘WATER POLLUTION/FLUORIDATION’ immediately permanently & irrevocably for all time or face the ruin.

    Dementia, including Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is fast becoming the greatest public health issue, ever. In the UK the Alzheimer’s Society recently stated that one in three persons over the age of 65 will die from AD – and it’s increasing so fast that in thirty years time the prevalence is expected to treble (do the maths and shiver!). Your children will live with fluorosis, but they will die with dementia.

    Since the evidence that environmental exposure to ionic aluminium salts, such as the aluminium sulphate used in water treatment, is a leading cause of AD. There is a 50% and 150% increase in AD in areas where the water contains only half the permitted maximum of 0.2ppm. Fluoride in water – increases the speed at which it is absorbed and transferred to the brain. Adding Fluoride To Drinking Water Is Literally Insane. Fluoridation is bad on its own, but in the presence of aluminium its effects are becoming catastrophic as our ‘aluminium clocks’ tick away the countdown to Alzheimer’s – fluoride speeds up that lethal clock..

    By Doug Cross UKCAF


    Brief Extract:
    One of the best-known chemical alterations produced by fluorides is a reduction in cholinesterases, including acetylcholinesterase. Fluorides also directly affect the actions of many of other important neurotransmitters in the brain. Fluorides seem to have a special attraction to acetylcholine. Nerve cells that synthesize this transmitter have numerous projections to many forebrain areas, including the neocortex and deeper areas of the brain that provide information to the neocortex. Not only do fluorides change the amount of the acetylcholine in the 7 brain, they selectively block certain receptors that respond to this transmitter. Fluoride reduces the number of one type of “nicotinic receptors” for acetylcholine. Some other nicotinic subtypes are not affected.10 Added to all of the other alterations in structure and function of the brain caused by fluorides, the opportunity for mental and behavioural changes are almost limitless. While the cholinergic system of the brain has been most studied in regard to the effects of fluoride, it is not the only neural transmitter affected. It is likely that all neural transmitter systems are affected by fluoride intake, directly or indirectly. Other anomalies related to fluoride intake are found in many other chemical systems of the brain.

    There is no known benefit of adding any form of fluoride to our drinking water. Who would want to increase chances of having a less than perfect child? Who would wish to take a chance on a possible reduction of their own mental capacity? Who would want to have their personality altered by fluoride induced alterations in their brain chemistry? Who would want to increase their odds of developing Alzheimer’s disease? Eliminating the addition of fluoride to our drinking water would remove these possibilities. The cost of doing this is zero. In fact it would enrich the communities now adding fluorides to their drinking water. Robert L. Isaacson Department of Psychology and
    Center for Developmental and Behavioral Neuroscience
    Binghamton University Binghamton, NY 13902-6000


    “Fluorides also increase the production of free radicals in the brain through several different biological pathways. These changes have a bearing on the possibility that fluorides act to increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.”


    Studies show there may be grave implications for Alzheimers, Dementia, Attention Deficit Disorder, reduced IQ in children and more –  Neurotoxicity of Fluoride 1996     


    AND From 2002 – August 19, 2002
    In Layman’s terms, it looked like fluoride and aluminum could cause Alzheimer’s.

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