NZIC false fluoridation claim


According to NZIC, “Water fluoridation is an important preventative measure carried out in much of the western world.”

One part of this sentence is correct; the other is false:

Water fluoridation is indeed an important preventive measure, that is for the phosphate fertiliser industry to avoid having to expensively store its toxic by-product, fluorosilicic acid. So the measure certainly prevents pesky environmental complications, which would otherwise arise, as seen in years gone by, by allowing for wide-scale waste profiteering instead.

However, to say water fluoridation is, “carried out in much of the western world” is monumentally false. The truth is that most developed nations do not fluoridate their water. In western Europe, for example, only 3% of the population consumes fluoridated water. One wonders how NZIC can get such basic facts so dead wrong.

Beware these slippery fluoridation promoters. These dirty tricks you will find all over.


Author: AFA Mildura

Administrator, Anti-Fluoridation Association of Mildura

4 thoughts on “NZIC false fluoridation claim

  1. Is sodium fluoride (fluorocillisic acid) a toxic waste byproduct of the phosphate fertilizer smoke stack wet scrubbers?

    Does this compound kill all forms of life when disposed of in the environment?

    What is the cost per kilogram to companies such as Pivot, to dispose of toxic waste of this nature?

    Does the WHO recommend fluorocillisic acid specifically as a beneficial addition to town water?

    Is fluorocillisic Acid a food grade compound?

    Is there any difference in the chemical compounds between naturally occurring calcium fluoride and man made sodium fluoride?

    Is there any evidence to support the claims of the pacification of enslaved individuals that consumed sodium fluoride on a daily basis as shown in German POW camps and the Russian Gulags?

    Does Colgate add sodium fluoride or calcium fluoride to it’s toothpaste in Australia? Under who’s instruction? Does Colgate add sodium fluoride or calcium fluoride to it’s toothpaste in Thailand? Under who’s instruction?

    What measures have been taken to ensure the safety of children who consume fluorocillisic acid sourced from China/Japan?

    Is daily bathing in fluorocillisic acid recommended by the WHO?

    Does fluorocillisic acid take the place of calcium in growing bones?

    Does it lead to brittle bones and a calcified pineal gland?

    Is it time to look a little deeper into the subject?

    Is there a possibility that large commercial fertilizer companies and aluminium smelters have been behind the drive to add sodium fluoride to the town water so as to save millions of dollars? are they otherwise required to send the toxic fluorocillisic acid to France for high temperature incineration and further treatment in order to comply with environmental protection laws?

    Is there a possibility that the current enslavement of the people of the Earth Plane is partly due to the addition of a cuboid compound known as sodium fluoride in the town water and aerial dispersal of lithium?

    Is there a religious cult currently known to be attempting complete enslavement of the people of the Earth Plane using chemical weapons such as sodium fluoride?

    Are shill members of this cult posting on this message board posing as professional fluoridologists and dental practitioners in order to gain financially from the purveyors of fine fluorocillisic acid?

    So many questions and so few answers. Good for enamel? Are you sure Mr. Poofessional toofman?

    Those paid representitives advocating the forced addition of fluorocillisic acid to toothpaste and town water and any other product need a heady dose of fluorosis.

    • Only one question you should consider here – do you really assert that sodium fluoride and fluorocillisic acid are the same? Really?

      • The compounds most commonly used for water fluoridation: sodium hexafluorosilicate (Na2SiF6), fluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6) and sodium fluoride (NaF).

      • Look, Ken, okay, we get it. You’re little bit butt-hurt that people call you “Ken The Parrot.” Perfectly understandable. For what it’s worth, we apologise for any enduring soreness you may have and we’ll try not to do it again, if it means so, so much to you. 😉

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