Australian fluoridation journalism: a national disgrace

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Kimberley Vlasic, of The Cairns Post, is the latest in a long sad line of parroting brain dead Australian journalists, who seem to revel in sucking down pro-fluoridation effluent. One has to wonder if Kimberley was sent a few pro-fluoridation press releases and did a 5 minute copy and paste job.

Dental experts renew calls for Cairns to fluoridate water supply is a recent article that optimizes the one-sided, completely uncritical avalanche of garbage pro-fluoridation journalism that is infesting the Australian media.

If Kimberley wishes to redeem herself, she can write an independent review of this book, then publish a public challenge for the pro-fluoridation goons in Cairns to debate anti-fluoridation experts in front of the people of Cairns. Good journalism welcomes challenging and varied viewpoints, and should not be afraid to supply both sides of the argument.

Kimberley, you’re supposed to be a journalist, not a mindless parrot. Grow up. Perhaps you could start by learning from your professional colleagues on the other side of the issue, who have actually made the effort to dig deeper.

Author: AFA Mildura

Administrator, Anti-Fluoridation Association of Mildura

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