Lake Cargelligo subjected to media disgrace


Recently, an article titled Lake Cargelligo’s water to be fluoridated was published by ABC. Could journalism be any more pathetic than this? Let’s break up this smelly fluoridation turd and dry it out in the sun for a while.

“The Lachlan Shire says it is confident there is broad support for plans to add fluoride…”

Where is the evidence for this statement? Where is the evidence that the community has been exposed to both sides of the fluoridation debate, in order that they can make an informed decision?

“… particularly benefit Aboriginal residents.”

Oh really? Consider the following. According to a report by the ABS:

“Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people were more than twice as likely as non-Indigenous people to have indicators of chronic kidney disease (rate ratio of 2.1). They were three times as likely as their non-Indigenous counterparts to have indicators of Stage 1 chronic kidney disease and more than four times as likely to have Stages 4–5 (rate ratio of 4.6).”

Regarding water fluoridation, “A small and inclusive amount of research suggests that fluoridation of community water actually causes kidney disease” (Schiffl 2008; see also FAN database).

Naturally, the council will argue that helping teeth helps Aboriginal residents. With this assumption, you would expect strong evidence of benefit to offset any risk to kidney health, but when one searches for such evidence one is shocked at its weaknesspoor quality and openness to comprehensive critique.

“I think in the long term it’s a step forward,” mayor Medcalf said. “There’s no question about that, the health and that sort of thing of the whole community.”

‘No question’ about it? The mayor (who of course has secured funding for fluoridation to proceed!), doesn’t discuss – for example – the issue of margin of safety, or the NRC report’s relevance to fluoridation, or the molecular mechanisms of fluoride toxicity. And of course, the most pathetic type of sycophantic ABC ‘journalism’ doesn’t question him.

“I think with that this [water fluoridation] will help with no end”

That’s a pretty stupid assumption, considering how well so many countries are doing without water fluoridation. The mayor is seemingly under some kind of weird pro-fluoridation extremist spell that makes him believe that by fluoridating his community’s drinking water he will be taking a giant leap forwards. In fact, the opposite will be true. He will be engaging in an obsolete practice.


Author: AFA Mildura

Administrator, Anti-Fluoridation Association of Mildura

8 thoughts on “Lake Cargelligo subjected to media disgrace

  1. This idiot Mayor must have rocks in his head, nothing between his ears to even consider putting this harmful toxic additive to the water supp[y. Anyone with out fluoride is truly blessed .I suffered the agony of the damned from fluoridated water until we discovered it was the root cause for what almost killed , From the moment I ceased drinking it and changed to tank water till I could have a filter installed (plus such was the call for filters to be installed there was a 4 months wait ) I have never looked back . I still get caught if someone accidentally give tap water in my coffee or tea and even ice cubes made on town water can send me into a writhing pitiful sight .I am hypersensitive to fluoride and have learn there are a lot more out there like me. My recent QML Lab tests show my fluoride is way too high considering I no longer drink it from the tap so it must be built up in my tissues .

      • I have just watched the David Mc Rae Tape . AI had my bloods and urine tested in November.I don’t claim to understand how to read it and doctors don’t seem to have a clue either .I sent mine to a gent who has his done 6 monthly and knows how to interpret the results /He told me that mine is too high at 33.0 umol/L .considering I have had a filter system installed and also drink tank and bottled water for the last two years 6 months..His was 42 he told me and he has it down to 25 now with reverse osmosis giving up drinking tea and watching processed foods he consumes …I had mine done by Q M L Lab here in Gladstone .Their recommendation to me was to have it done again in a week and suggests no tea have no salt water fish and steer clear of mouth washes as they can increase the pre – shift fluoride levels in urine .Originally I was told by Nicoladies and Sullivan that thher testing goes to the Royal Brisbane Women’s hospital to be tested as its the only place in Queensland who does it .Hope this is of some interest to you .

  2. Chris, have you ever seen a person on dialyses – actually seen the process? The fluid transfused is without ANY fluoride chemicals at all, as fluoride and kidneys don’t mix at all – fluoride irritates the kidneys. Get a grip! You can parrot on endlessly with the tripe that there is ‘no evidence’ – yes, I’d like you to do a study with Aboriginals whose kidneys are way smaller than Caucasians; and, have you included sub-populations and the already ill?? Hmmmmmm. A bunch of bunkem Chris. And try reading some other literature – start here: Xiong X, Liu J, He W, Xia T, He P, Chen X, Yang K, Wang A. (2006). Dose-effect relationship between drinking water fluoride levels and damage to liver and kidney functions in children. Environmental Research Jul 8; [Epub ahead of print]

  3. On the basis of the available evidence, Kidney
    Health Australia has developed the following position
    statement regarding fluoridation of community water
    # There is no evidence that consumption of optimally
    fluoridated drinking water increases the risk of
    developing CKD, although only limited studies
    addressing this issue are available

    “Because the kidneys are constantly exposed to various fluoride concentrations, any health effects caused by fluoride would likely manifest themselves in kidney cells. However, several large community-based studies of people with long-term exposure to drinking water with fluoride
    concentrations up to 8 ppm have failed to show an increase in kidney disease.”


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