We will not play with your toys!

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Inspired by the Hitch.

To all pro-fluoridationists:

We are perfectly happy for you to have your toys.

Play with them as you will, at home, as prescribed by your doctor or dentist.

Ingest the fluoride tablets. Brush with all the fluoridated toothpaste you like.

The mouthwash – have fun with that too. Dose up topically or systemically (if that’s your thing).

Whatever blows your hair back.

And if your pro-fluoridation friends want to come around to your place and play with the same toys, or even bring their own, they are welcome.

However, we will not play with the toys.

We will not be told to play with the toys.

We will not have the toys dumped into our water supply.

Don’t say our children must play with the toys. As parents, we decide which toys our children play with.

So have fun with your toys…

But if you bring YOUR toys to the doors of OUR homes, expect a war you won’t believe!


Author: AFA Mildura

Administrator, Anti-Fluoridation Association of Mildura

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