Fluoridation Bible-Bashers Declare War in the Holy Land

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Not even in the so-called ‘Holy Land’ are water supplies safe from being poisoned by the zealous legion of pro-fluoridation sociopaths, pimps, whores, hit men, and other bashers of the fluoridation bible. They have decreed that the people of Israel must be forced to drink industrially-fluoridated water, laced with all the usual ‘goodies’.

But heroic Health Minister, Yael German, is standing firm against the waves of lies, spin and intimidation tactics crashing in from the ocean of pro-fluoridation bullshittery. Last year, the Minister stirred the hornet’s nest by going toe-to-toe with the lobby of all lobbies, but now is under assault from the mighty armies of the fluorosed tooth.

But after all the ‘shock and awe,’ what do we see? Nothing new. Weak, pathetic rants, huffing and puffing, and all the usual pro-fluoridation chestnuts. With no new angles and a rapidly-emptying bag of worn out propaganda, they supposedly figured a few thumps over the head with the fluoridation bible would do the trick.

So, as per standard practice, let’s break down the bullshit into segments:

1. “Millions of households will be forced to spend money to repair the damage” caused by this decision, the experts charged.

Ah yes, the classic of fluoridation classics. NOT adding industrial waste to the water is going to cause untold damage. Even Orwell would be proud of this one. But what is the plain truth? The plain truth is that plenty of nations are getting along just fine without artificial water fluoridation programs, and no matter how many times a fluoridation bible is bashed upon one’s head, this fact remains a fact. The world does not come crumbling down, either, following the cessation of a fluoridation program. Another lie.

2. “They stated on Sunday that German, who formerly as mayor of Herzliya canceled fluoridation in her municipality, would be responsible for serious dental decay in the mouths of poor children around the country.”

Well of course, the other classic of classics. The “poor children” argument. Not based in fact, but rather draped in emotive, simplistic piffle. The truth tells a different story. The argument that water fluoridation reduces inequalities in dental health is a powerful one designed to guilt-trip many councils and communities, but in terms of the evidence that supports the assertion, we now know that, “the evidence about reducing inequalities in dental health [is] of poor quality, contradictory and unreliable.” And we also know fluoridation treatment, “will go to all households, and the poor cannot afford to avoid it, if they want to, because they will not be able to purchase bottled water or expensive removal equipment… The poor are more likely to suffer poor nutrition which is known to make children more vulnerable to fluoride’s toxic effects.”

3. “The experts said that the minister’s defense of her position in the past was based on “populistic arguments supported by amateur studies and ignored dozens of years of research in Israel and the world absolutely showing that there is no better health, economic, and social substitute for adding fluoride to the tap water in Israel… your decisions are based on ‘scientific facts’ that are based on negligible studies instead of on comprehensive and high-quality scientific facts.”

Israel must truly believe in miracles and other suspensions of the natural order, because according to the York Review expert panel, “We were unable to discover any reliable good-quality evidence in the fluoridation literature world-wide… none of the included studies were of evidence level A.”

4. “Dimona Mayor Benny Biton wrote his own letter lashing out against German’s decision and accused her of “ignoring the periphery,” placing a financial burden of dental care on local authorities, and not offering any alternative for not fluoridating the water.”

Perhaps it is time this joker learned why Europe rejects fluoridation on the whole; and why many of the world’s greatest cities have not bowed to the slick fraud.

In summary, if this is seriously the best these pro-fluoridation “experts” in Israel can do, forgive us for laughing.

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Author: AFA Mildura

Administrator, Anti-Fluoridation Association of Mildura

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