The Wild Thrashings of a Dying Beast


In a war of attrition, your enemy will inevitably screw up in a way that makes you realise how weak they are in a certain area. That’s exactly what has happened with the pro-forced fluoridation scumbags in NSW. They have shown how truly weak and pathetic they are, when standing toe-to-toe with the power of the people.

In a nutshell, pro-fluoridation fanatics in NSW wanted to (and still want to) force fluoridation across the state. The peoples’ uprising against this extremist ploy to override their human right of informed consent to treatment, however, led to local NSW councils being notified by their constituents that this extremism is unacceptable.

In a highly predictable fashion – true to all dictators, sociopaths and psychopaths – the propaganda war machine of the pro-fluoridation criminal chemical cartel has lashed out like a dying wild beast.

The bitterness and rage contained within the following two articles is rather self-explanatory:

We here at AFAM really don’t give a shit about the sensitivities of a bunch of dento-chemical psychopaths, but we really do enjoy when they reveal their greatest weaknesses. In this case, they have revealed their greatest fear, i.e. local councils learning the truth about water fluoridation and then following the will of their people.

It is clear that our enemies do not want us writing to our local councils with anything that exposes the fraud of water fluoridation. Therefore, because they have shown this fear and confirmed the ultimate power we all have as individuals and as a collective to drive home the truth, the NUMBER 1 action that ANYONE READING THIS POST can take right THIS MOMENT, is to write to your local council and assist in exposing the scientific and ethical fraud of fluoridation.

How do you do that? Well, you can start by exploring the following page:

Once you have done so, you will have plenty of information to choose from to share with your local council. Perhaps you would like to start, above all, by challenging all the members of your council to read The Case Against Fluoride (Connett, Beck & Micklem 2010).

Good luck! And let’s keep hammering our piss weak enemies until they are pounded into the gutter in a pool of their own filth, once and for all.

Author: AFA Mildura

Administrator, Anti-Fluoridation Association of Mildura

5 thoughts on “The Wild Thrashings of a Dying Beast

  1. well written! love the tone and no crap vocab.

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  3. Orwell, in his book 1984, described the ability of a humanoid to foster two sets of moral standards and be comfortable with both as ‘doublethink’.
    Orwell was very kind in his description as I would consider this totally amoral construct to be absolute Sociopathic psychopathy.
    This article does a better job than Orwell in describing our ruling class of schizoid psychopaths who have an agenda and that is to destroy the the early brain development of our young by force-ably administering a chemical toxin, fluoride, via their water/food supply. (Refer Dr. Russell Blaylock on YouTube)
    Fluoride, as do many other chemicals, inhibit nutrients to the brain….. one of the many areas ravaged by chemical poisons administered to the human biology.
    EG: One of these nutrients required for optimum brain development is sulphur and sulphur is destroyed by fluoride, chlorine and other chemical toxins….. this is science and cannot be refuted!
    Hense we have now studies showing that children in fluoridated areas have lower IQ’s than those in un-fluoridated areas. (Check post in Real News Australia)
    There is no excuse for these government psychopaths who, in their amoral comfort zone and allegiance to the collectivist UN Agenda-21, destroy the future of our children… this is treason and all these promoters of poisons to the public should be tried in a peoples court….. will this happen…. I hope so!……. Gus.

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