Dangerous Lunacy in Curacao

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The following madness requires no explanation…

“Members of Parliament have accepted the proposal of the Minister of Health, Ben Whiteman, to increase the dose of fluoride in drinking water. The motion passed by 12 votes for and 3 against. The dose will be increased by up to 1.5 mg of fluoride per liter.” [Source]

… However, it is worth noting that AFAM did its best to warn the people of Curacao about this pending threat. This Parliament should hang its head in shame.

> Fluoride Health Effects Database

Author: AFA Mildura

Administrator, Anti-Fluoridation Association of Mildura

One thought on “Dangerous Lunacy in Curacao

  1. Thank you AFAM for this disturbing information – Ministers of Sickness will one day surely, be held ‘professionally’ (and I use the word loosely) but also personally responsible and accountable for the chronic poisoning of the people, animals, environment and all life with these hazardous waste pollutants and co-contaminants they call ‘water fluoridation’.

    People must rise up and demand that these Monsters in these positions of massive power be forced to stop all water fluoridation/chronic poisoning schemes.

    In addition there are so many independent/unbiased/no financial interests/no conflicts of interests websites who give the truth about water fluoridation – it is not safe and not effective.

    Also the Australian Anti-Fluoridation Association GPO Box 935, Melbourne, Victoria 3001 has a book for sale by Ian E. Stephens called The Dickinson Statement A mind boggling thesis – this book airs ‘fluoride’s dirty laundry’. Ian forewarns readers about passively accepting any fluoride chemicals or compounds as ‘safe and effective’. This is only 41 pages but you will be grateful for the read for your sake and your loved ones and our entire country. Only $5.00 per copy including postage, or you can contact AAFA for pricing on multiple copy purchases.

    The bottom line is that anyone who thinks it is safe and effective to dump/dispose hazardous waste fluorosilicic acid/silicofluorides and co-contaminants of lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, thallium, beryllium etc., into our drinking water, hence food chain, hence us, hence our environment, hence all life, is recklessly and dangerously negligent. No one should have the political and media power and control to continue getting away with the Fluoridation Fraud/Web of Deception.

    Australia wide in dental crisis after widespread fluoridation in every State, first commencing Beaconsfield, Tasmania in 1953 = likewise USA in dental crisis after widespread ‘fluoridation’ first beginning in 1945 Grand Rapids Michigan.

    The only answer EVER was to provide access to affordable dental health care services for all the population, not the disposal of hazardous waste pollutants fluorosilicic acid/silicofluorides and co-contaminants of lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, thallium, beryllium, etc., (known as water fluoridation & also added is aluminium sulphate to that hazardous waste soup); into our drinking water supplies and hence also the contamination of our food chain and environment and using the populations’ kidneys as hazardous waste disposal/filtration units.


    Some say this is allegedly ‘conspiring to mandate water fluoridation’:-

    The ADA asked for $200,000 and received $220,000 from Bligh’s Health Minister, Stephen Robertson to promote ‘fluoridation’ and their colleagues at the AMA sent a letter to Dr. Jeannette young, Chief Health Officer Queensland Health extract from FOI :-

    “The AMA believes the ‘strategic approach’ referred to in your letter must be for Government to mandate water fluoridation throughout the State. The approach to encourage individual councils to adopt fluoridation of their own volition has failed.”
    end extract

    Some view this allegedly, as tantamount to ‘conspiring’ to ‘mandate’ ‘water fluoridation’ and you must take no other action but to ban ‘water fluoridation/pollution’ urgently, irrevocably and for all time.

    These letters from ADA and AMA form part of this Report and can be accessed on the link hereunder – referred to page 88/89.

    The study also found that fluoride does not eliminate tooth decay, citing dietary sugars as the primary cause. People living in areas with fluoridated water and/or using fluoride toothpaste still got dental caries. http://www.irishdentist.ie/news/news_detail.php?id=5436

    REPORT: Brief Overview of Water Fluoridation/Pollution – 11 September, 2013 Diane Drayton Buckland

    Click to access brief-overview-of-water-fluoridation_pollution-11-september-2013-diane-drayton-buckland1.pdf

    REPORT: 100% fluoridated Kentucky, USA – Rampant Dental Decay & chronic disease epidemic – DDB http://fluorideinformationaustralia.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/rampant-dental-decay-chronic-disease-epidemic-in-100-fluoridated-kentucky-usa-13-aug-2013-ddb.pdf

    REPORT: Can Dentists & Doctors be trusted when they say Water Fluoridation is Safe & Effective?

    Click to access can-dentists-doctors-be-trusted-when-they-say-water-fluoridation-is-safe-effective.pdf

    REPORT: Download Full Report >

    Click to access report-water-fluoridation-pollution-must-end-diane-drayton-buckland-independent-researcher-14th-january-2013.pdf

    Website: http://fluorideinformationaustralia.wordpress.com/fia-report-archives/

    Some Health Effects: http://fluorideinformationaustralia.wordpress.com/health-effects/

    BASICS: https://afamildura.wordpress.com/basics/

    FIREWATER OFFICIAL: http://firewaterfilm.com/

    CHEMICALS: https://afamildura.wordpress.com/fluoridation-chemicals/

    VIDEO/AUDIO ARCHIVE: https://afamildura.wordpress.com/video-audio/

    CONTACT OTHERS BY FACBOOK IN YOUR AREA: https://afamildura.wordpress.com/facebook-database/

    FLUORIDE INFORMATION AUSTRALIA: http://fluorideinformationaustralia.wordpress.com/

    AUSTRALIAN LETTER ARCHIVE: http://aswla.wordpress.com/

    FOI DOCUMENTS (co-contaminants in the mix): http://sapphireeyesproductions.blogspot.com.au/

    READ: http://www.chelseagreen.com/bookstore/item/the_case_against_fluoride
    FAQ http://home.vicnet.net.au/~fluoride/australian_fluoridation_faq.htm

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