Bottled Water Propaganda Campaign: And the Resources to Counter it


Yet another pro-fluoridation trash piece on the ‘dangers’ of drinking non-fluoridated bottled water has appeared in the media.

Obviously, this is part of the ongoing campaign to use unscientific public health fear mongering to pressure Councils into voting for fluoridation.

In the event that you are subjected to this type of propaganda in your local media, we have listed some key resources (below), which you will be able to use to rebut the sociopathic dento-chemical fluoridation cartel.

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Author: AFA Mildura

Administrator, Anti-Fluoridation Association of Mildura

4 thoughts on “Bottled Water Propaganda Campaign: And the Resources to Counter it

  1. Yes, I wondered if you’d seen it. I nearly fell off my perch! But what should we expect from commercial t.v. channels? It was the Catalyst program that really shook me – I expected better of the ABC’s journalists.
    I must disagree with you on one comment, though. I don’t think the pro-fluoridation lobby is full of sociopaths, although that is entirely possible. I just think they are greedy, and don’t care who they kill to make mega-bucks.

    • I don’t think the low rank dentists, etc, are sociopaths, however, the higher up the ranks you go – into the real king pins and enforcers of the policy – I think a good case could be made that they have many sociopathic traits. For example, the refusal to debate whilst viciously attacking others. We have also found some good sources that suggest the health industry is a particular draw for sociopaths. We are currently exploring this angle in more detail, examining the scientific literature. So far, tentatively, I’d say that many top fluoride king pins are sociopaths, but your typical dentist or dental nurse is just a brainwashed tool.

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