Rebuttal: Penny Vanderwolk, Sonoma County OHTF



GUEST OPINION: Positives of fluoridation far outweigh negatives – July 11, 2013
Penny Vanderwolk, Sonoma County Oral Health Task Force.


Claim: “All credible and current medical science supports fluoridation as the single most effective strategy for preventing dental caries.”

Response: (1) (2) (3) (4).

Claim: “I also think that most of the very smart, thoughtful opponents to fluoridating the water would agree.”

Response: (5) (6) (7) (8).

Claim: “I wish that, instead of putting up these poorly supported arguments in face of the many credible scientific studies demonstrating that water fluoridation is safe and effective, they would be honest about their true fears.”

Response: “The [York] review team was surprised that in spite of the large number of studies carried out over several decades there is a dearth of reliable evidence with which to inform policy” (9); “Water fluoridation at 0.7 mg/L is not adequate to protect against known or anticipated adverse effects and does not allow an adequate margin of safety to protect young children, people with high water consumption, people with kidney disease (resulting in reduced excretion of fluoride), and other potentially sensitive population subgroups” (10); “A lifetime of excessive fluoride ingestion will undoubtedly have detrimental effects on a number of biological systems in the body and it is illogical to assume that tooth enamel is the only tissue affected by low daily doses of fluoride ingestion” (11).

Claim: “The reality is that sometimes, public health and safety must trump personal freedoms.”

Response: (12).

Claim: “It’s why we add chlorine to the water to prevent infectious diseases.”

Response: Chlorine treats the water; fluoridation treats people via the water – big difference (13) (14).

Claim: “To those who would say we can’t afford it, I say we can’t afford not to. Studies clearly demonstrate that for every $1 spent on water fluoridation, $38 is saved on treatment.”

Response: These frequently-cited figures are seriously flawed (15).

Claim: “In my opinion, fluoridating our water is good for our health, our wallets and our children’s future. I’m willing to give up a little of my personal freedom for all that…”

Response: “Although the prevalence of caries varies between countries, levels everywhere have fallen greatly in the past three decades, and national rates of caries are now universally low. This trend has occurred regardless of the concentration of fluoride in water or the use of fluoridated salt, and it probably reflects use of fluoridated toothpastes and other factors, including perhaps aspects of nutrition” (16); “Sweden rejected fluoridation in the 1970s and, in this excellent book, these three scientists have confirmed the wisdom of that decision. Our children have not suffered greater tooth decay, as World Health Organization figures attest, and in turn our citizens have not borne the other hazards fluoride may cause. In any case, since fluoride is readily available in toothpaste, you don’t have to force it on people” (17); “There is insufficient ethical justification for artificial water fluoridation” (18); “Large temporal reductions in tooth decay, which cannot be attributed to fluoridation, have been observed in both unfluoridated and fluoridated areas of at least eight developed countries over the past thirty years. It is now time for a scientific re-examination of the alleged enormous benefits of fluoridation” (19).

Claim: “… If you’re not, well, then don’t drink the water.”

Response: “It’s ridiculous to think that people who need to escape fluoride can go and organise their own water supply. We all pay our water rates for a proper clean water supply, and in fluoridated towns, we’re not getting it” (20); “It [fluoridated water] will go to all households, and the poor cannot afford to avoid it, if they want to, because they will not be able to purchase bottled water or expensive removal equipment” (21).


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Further research:

Research databases

Author: AFA Mildura

Administrator, Anti-Fluoridation Association of Mildura

11 thoughts on “Rebuttal: Penny Vanderwolk, Sonoma County OHTF

  1. Wait for it we are so “indebted” now to the U.N. I am waiting for the next imbecilic decision; ho hum it sounds like ETS instead of carbon tax, a tax is a tax. Just like fluoride, find out what is causing us so much ill health. Then make decisions, not knee jerk reactions.

  2. It is time to stop this medical fraud and expose those who are promoting it, staring with the various health departments. It is nothing but insanity to poison town water supplies and pretend it is somehow a health benefit. Councils do not have the right to mass medicate their residents. It is still illegal in this country to practise medicine without a licence. What does the AMA do about this blantant abuse of the Medical practitioners Act? Nothing. So much for their credibility.

  3. This chick clearly has had way to much fluoride. “if your not well, then don’t drink the water” yeah right’o I’d like to know how i’m going to do that. I already got to pay for water with toxic crud in it now this lady thinks i got rich and can go buy like water for the rest of my life. Nice. Thanks penny for speaking for me. Everything she said is just rubbish. Who do these people think they are to speak for me and everyone else. They really f me off.

    • Right on! By the way, you may enjoy our Video/Audio archive – – especially the videos featuring Dr. Paul Connett.

      Thanks for stopping by. Always nice to receive comments; and it’s great to see people getting angry and not standing for this madness anymore.


    • Good one Rachel, well said. Couldnt agree more. What right has she got to or for that matter what credentials does she have that she knows my health problems?

        • Crazy lunatics!
          Instead of removing the cause, they cover it up, or are cleverly masking it. They add more to the problem, instead of addressing the root cause. It’s not surprising that people are depressed when they have a deficient diet, devout of essential & vital nutrients, while at the same time there are toxins building up in the body!

          Instead of returning to nature, they are doing the opposite. I’m sure that this is all by design.

      • That’s so true. It does not matter what they know or do not know on the subject. It is OUR right to INFORMED consent, when did they forget that???? It is our job as members of public to remind them who runs the show around here.

    • “if your not well, then don’t drink the water”

      These farking lunatics.
      Every-time one opens the tap, you are exposed to this accumulative neurotoxin! We get soaked when taking a bath, a hot shower, soak the garden in it, when washing the clothes, every-time you open the tap, how repulsive is that?!

      Oh, have you noticed, that all these so-called experts who are promoting this toxin, are getting paid to keep parroting it?
      They have to, otherwise they’d be out of their job, in no time!

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